If youre a local business looking to get your message in front of a local targeted audience…..


at an affordable price let our indoor marketing solutions help you! Funnel Cloud Marketing can help you achieve your goals in a cost effective way that will place your ad campaigns in restaurants, malls, coffee shops, or anywhere your customers visits. We specialize in bathroom ads, local hotel ads, laundry room ads, etc.


Restroom Billboard Advertising is Read 95%-100% of the Time

  • Your target market will read, enjoy, and even welcome your advertising.
  • Restroom Billboard Advertising receives consumers’ undivided attention for 30 seconds to 4 full minutes.
  • Restroom Advertising retention rate is outstanding, 84% after just one viewing!
  • Restroom Billboards can be targeted to men or women exclusively, even by age group, income range or lifestyle.
  • Average patronage per location is 22,000 monthly.
  • Indoor advertising viewer impression time is 30 seconds to 4 minutes with our indoor billboards.
  • Studies Prove that Restroom Advertising is remembered 84% of the time (With 88.5% of that group recalling 4 specific points of your ad!)