If you’re a small business looking for…..

more clients, leads, customers, or sales let Funnel Cloud Marketing assist you with your marketing goals. We specialize in developing online sales funnels uniquely tailored to your business. No matter what your business consists of we have you covered! We assist realtors, beauticians, restaurants, insurance agents, dentists, etc. We developing the entire process from the initial ad to landing page development to lead nurturing. Scroll below and complete the form to get started.

Is Direct Advertising Wasting Your Monthly Ad Budget? Maybe a Marketing Funnel is What You Really Need!


Are you sick of spending thousands of dollars in ad spend on direct advertising and seeing mediocre results? If youre a small business looking to grow your customer base, increase sales, or just get bodies inside of your establishment than you may need to shift your marketing strategy from direct advertisement to a funnel or simply add a funnel to your current advertisement mix.

What exactly is a funnel you ask?

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy designed to turn cold prospects into long-term customers by funneling them through five stages. The “funnel” metaphor means you’ll begin with a large audience of prospective buyers that will eventually pare down to a smaller group of highly-targeted, high-value customers.

The final goal is not to make a sale, at least not a single sale. Instead the goal is create returning customers with life-time value.

Breaking the buyer’s journey down into smaller steps (i.e., stages) allows you to be more precise about how and when you present offers.

For a small business owner, you may start with only one or two products. For a large B2B company, you may have numerous offers fueling lead generation and nurturing new leads through the sales cycle, sales pipeline, or sales team.

 What types of businesses does Funnel Cloud Marketing develop online funnels for?

We specialize in developing funnels for:




-Beauty Salons


-Real Estate Investors

-Gym Instructors